Blow Outs/Silk Press Hair in Springfield, NJ

If you have been looking for a fast and gorgeous way to get silky, smooth hair, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert hairstylists at Deyo Enterprises, Inc. aka Supercuts have been providing our clients with stunning silk press hair treatments for years. We take pride in providing you with a hair straightening service that does not damage the natural curl of your hair.

Silk press treatments involve deeply moisturizing and smoothing out hair with a silk press hair straightener. The service is fast and effective and can last for a few weeks if properly maintained.

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Deyo Enterprises, Inc.’s Thermal Press Hair Treatment

Blow Out/Silk hair press or thermal hair press is the upgraded version of a “press and curl” or “hot comb” treatment, which is used to straighten hair using grease and heat. While the hot comb treatment leaves hair feeling greasy and heavy, silk press hair allows the hair to achieve a silky smoothness while being lightweight and moveable.

We Use Premium Hair Products for Natural Hair

The Blow Out/Silk press treatment achieves the same look as a relaxing treatment, without subjecting your hair to harsh chemicals which could put them at risk of damage.

Our Blow Out/Silk Press Process

  • We always start by washing your hair to remove any oil and grease.
  • We then apply a lot of moisture and a special leave-in conditioner to protect your hair against the heat.
  • Once your hair is completely blown dry, we will straighten it using a special, high-heat iron.
  • The strength of the flat iron allows us to smooth out each lock in one simple pass. This helps to reduce the risk of damage that other flat irons may cause.

Experienced Blow Out/Silk Press Hairstylists

Our team has been conducting silk press hair treatments for years and understands that expert technique and high-quality products must be used to keep your hair healthy in the long-run.

Here are some expert tips from our stylists about keeping your silk press hair looking amazing:

Avoid H2O

The bottom line is if your hair gets wet, it will immediately revert to its natural state. Most of the curly and kinky hair we work on can go weeks without shampoo and still look stunning, so stay away from water as best you can!

Wrap Your Hair

Wrapping your hair in a silk or satin scarf when you’re home, especially while you sleep is the best way to maintain your silk press and keep it looking gorgeous!

Stay Away from Heat

It’s important for the health of your natural hair to not apply any more heat than your locks have already endured. Leave the straightening to us!

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Finding hair salons that do silk press hair safely and expertly can be few and far between. Luckily, we have been specializing in this treatment for years.

We are always sure to use the best practices and hair products for natural hair growth and health.

Come into the salon today or call us now to find out more about our silk press hair services and book a consultation with our friendly and knowledgeable team!